Concepts of wind power stations                                                                                                         

Concept 1: Free flying kites
In a ground station, fig. 2, the kite rope is winded up on a hasp. The hasp is connected by belts with a car dynamo and a car exhauster motor. The kite (a rokkaku, hexagonal, fig. 1) is fixed to the rope via the rope balance (like a fork). The wind carries away the kite,
thereby rotates the dynamo and produces electricity. If the rope is completely unwinded, a jerk acts on the rope balance. The lower rope of the rope fork, which is coupled to a kite prop with a magnetic clutch, separates, the kite hangs only on the upper rope, it tumbles strengthless to soil. The rope is rolled up by the exhauster engine keeping the magnetic clutch apart. In the proximity of the ground station this engine is turned off, the kite takes flight position and soars again, producing energy. 


Fig 1
Rokkaku, ready for take off

Fig 2
Ground station of concept 1

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