Concept 2: An up and down sliding working kite (ferry) on a rope kept up by a lifting kite

or balloon

On an endless rope loop stretched between a lifter kite in the sky and the ground station over 2 bobbins, a working kite, e.g. a rokkaku, is affixed. This is carried upward by the wind, at the upper position turned upside down, runs then downward and at the lowest position is turned up again, winding the two bobbins. The lower bobbin is connected to a dynamo. The working kite produces energy during the up and the downward run. The lifter kite can be replaced by a helium-filled balloon, so that the device does not fall to soil when the wind is too low. See the schematic fig. 3. The concept was realized as a prototype, fig 4.


Fig 3
D: rope; F: bobbins; K: rotating joint; V: kite, type rokkaku; W: tilting and rotating rod;
X: dynamo; Y: balancing rope; Z: lifter kite or balloon
Fig 4: Ground station with working kite, a ferry (type rokkaku), and lifter kite (type sled)
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