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Low cost solar and wind power stations


The idea for this project was born from the necessity to create a source of energy that is affordable and manageable to people in the developing countries where otherwise they have little chance to develop their economy and to get an alternative to otherwise burning the forests. For this end we’ve been investigating two basic lines to use sun and wind energy.

A. Wind power station using freely flying kites or sails on a mast

Aerodynes are periodically ascending and descending , thus producing energy. The theoretical bases were compiled, various concepts developed, functional models built and tested. So far 2 patents have been applied: PCT/EP2009/001882 PCT/DE2007/001671  (WO2009115253)   

We found out which concepts are best suited for low-tech environments with minimalistic technology, which ones for fast developing nations and which for industrialized countries with high-tech. They will cost much less than the wind wheels, having further important advantages.

At the Duale Hochschule in Mannheim eleven students had finished their studies, some links you find here, the summeries are in English:    

Ergebnis_Studienarbeit 1-Sedlmayr_Hafner.pdf


 Studienarbeit 1 Kaeppel Kary.pdf

 Studienarbeit Hauer2.pdf

 B. Solarthermic stations

 B. Use of the lift of air, warmed up by the sun in upwind power stations, being a type of solar thermal power stations. The existing theory for large constructions was adapted and simplified for small installations with requirements and possibilities in warm developing countries and concepts for practical realization were compiled and tested in parts.



 The owner of this engineering office was for a long time manager in R&D at the SIEMENS company, see contact












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